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Our Products

The manufacture of Knife gate valves, Butterfly valves, Ball valves and Customized valves for the valuable clients in Power, Metal & Mining, Water, Paper, Cement, Sugar and Chemical industries.

Knife Gate Valves

V-TORK General Knife Gate Valves are specially designed and manufactured according to MSS SP/Customized to meet.

Slurry Knife Gate Valves

V-TORK slurry Knife Gate valves are designed for heavy duty purposes to isolate flow, even in the most demanding process conditions.

Awwa Knife Gate Valves

V-TORK AWWA/water Knife Gate valve standard describes Bonneted / Bonnetless and one piece/two piece construction.

Butterfly Valves

V-TORK Butterfly Valves are well suited for handling larger flow of Liquids and gases alternately of low pressure.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves are quarter turn — straight through valves, got its name from the ball that rotates to open & close the valve.

Customized Valves

Our experienced specialists and engineers provide valve solution by providing fully customized valves for our client’s.

Industries We Serve

Manufacturer’s high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement to today’s high tech industries.

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Power Industry

V-TORK has proven their power in Power industry with their Knife Gate Valve brands and other valve products and their superior quality. We own a wide spectra of Valve solutions for applications..

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Metal And Mining Industries

V-TORK have special products for the mining industry. V-TORK Valve designed products to meet the demanding needs of metal & mining. Our products are user friendly and 100% parts..

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Water And Sewerage Treatment Plant

V-TORK AWWA valves are used to control the flow of raw sewage and able to handle the corrosive attack of chemicals, and the valve openings are full throat to pass the maximum flow..

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Paper & Pulp Industry

Pulp & Paper mills have long had a need for reliable flow control products that could handle thick pulp stock and corrosive liquors with little or no maintenance or downtime. By designing valves..

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Cement Industry

V-TORK Valves addresses the cement industry’s toughest abrasive applications and environmental process-management challenges in order to maximize reliability and optimize performance and outputs.

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Food,Cosmetics And Pharmaceuticals

V-TORK offers many products that are well-suited to the food and pharmaceutical industries. V-TORK uses special sanitary-grade like 316 stainless steel bodies for food & Pharma applications.

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Chemical & Fertilizers Industry

V-TORK Valves are widely used in many areas of chemical & fertilizers industries. Fully automation valves are used in chemical industries and uses modern synthetic elastomers to ensure proper compatibility..

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Sugar & Starch Industry

V-TORK Knife Gate Valves are widely used in Black Liquor application in paper plants. V-TORK valves are specially designed corrosive resistance for these kind of critical applications.

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Oil & Gas Industry

In Oil & Gas application the media to be handle is very critical. The valves which working on the oil platform are one of the toughest application. V-TORK offers wide range of products..

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